Written by Rev. Linda Middelberg

Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord”  John 20:18

One of my favorite hymn writers is Brian Wren.  When I was planning worship, I would sing “Christ is Risen” all year long.  The third verse reminds us that because Christ is risen the world has changed forever! 

Christ is risen! Earth and heavenNevermore shall be the same. Break the bread of new creation Where the world is still in pain. Tell its grim, demonic chorus:Christ is risen! Get you gone! God the First and Last is with us, Sing Hosanna, everyone!

When I was at St. Andrew in Beavercreek, I had the honor of working with Elise Eslinger as our organist.  When we would get to the part of the verse where...continue reading