District Committees

District Board of Directors

Chairperson:     Mr. Bob Himes
Class of 2017:     Mr. Leroy Holt (Milford Center), Rev. David Hoffman (Marion Epworth) and Rev. Bryan Meadows (Huntsville)
Class of 2018:    Mr. Dave Holliday (Powell), Rev. Bud Leskovac (Harlem Road), and Rev. Kathy Currier (Church of the Messiah)
Class of 2019:    Mr.  Bob Himes (Bellpoint), Ms. Dione Joseph (King Avenue) and Mr. Don Lambie (Jerome)
Ex-Officio:          Rev. Linda Middelberg, District Superintendent

District Superintendency Committee

Chairperson:       Ms. Janet Blocher
Lay Leaders:         Mike Fogle (Waldo) and Carolyn Johnson (Asbury North)
Class of 2017:      Rev. Colleen Ogle (King Avenue), Mr. Sam Dorff (Church of the Master) and Ms. Lori Schiefer (Summit)
Class of 2018:     Rev. Dan Kim (Global Community), Ms. Janet Blocher (Linworth) and Mr. Mark Palmer (Bexley)
Class of 2019:     Rev. Denise Turpin (Marysville), Mr. Tim Petska (Lewis Center), and Rev. H Kearns (Bellefontaine First)

District Clergy Cluster Leaders

District Superintendent: Rev. LInda Middelberg
Assistant to the District Superintendent: Rev.  Karen Cook
Rev. Grayson Atha, Rev. David Hett (First Community), Rev. Blaine Keene (Plain City), Rev. Paul McCullough (Bellpoint), Rev. Mebane McMahon (Northwest), Rev. Katy Wheat (Trinity), and Rev. Keith Vesper (VP Mission/Min, Ohio Health), Rev. Donnetta Peaks (Easton Community), Rev. Kathy Currier (Church of the Messiah), Rev. Josh Freshour (Green Camp), Rev. Lee Ortman (West Liberty), Rev. Nikki Baker (Stonybrook), 

Board of Church and Building Location

Chairperson:     Rev. David Griebner (Riverside)
Class of 2017:     Rev. David Griebner (Riverside), Mr. William Carleton (Riverside)  and Mr. Bob Davis (Linworth)
Class of 2018:     Mrs. Susan Keeny (King Avenue), Mr. Jack Seith (Church of the Messiah) and Mr. Thomas Brown (North Broadway)
Class of 2019:     Mr. Craig VanderVeen (Broad Street) and Mr. Ed Rainaldi (Powell)
Ex-officio:      Rev. Karen Cook (Assistant to the District Superintendent) and Rev. LInda Middelberg (District Superintendent)

Ordained Ministry Committee

Chairperson:     Rev. Roger Grace
Members:      Rev. Grayson Atha, Mr. Mike Fogle (Waldo), Mrs. Carolyn Johnson (Asbury North), Rev. Cyndy L. Garn (Worthington), Rev. Karen Cook (CAN), Rev. Ryan Grace (Church of the Messiah), Ms. Alice Gulker (Indian Run), Rev. Sandra Huber (Powell), Rev. John Keeny (King Avenue),  Rev. Jean Schafer (New Albany), Rev. Alan Sippel (Worthington), Rev. Kevin Smith (Belle Center), Rev. Pete Snook (William Street), Rev. Dee Stickley-Miner (Church for All People),  Rev. Keith Vesper (VP Mission/Min, Ohio Health), Rev. Dan Kim (Global Community), Rev. Marcus Atha (North Broadway), Rev. Anna Guillozet (Church of the Master), Ms. Sandy Trinter (King Avenue), and Rev. John Wooden (Stone Village)
Ex Officio:     Rev. LInda Middelberg, District Superintendent

CAN Lay Servant Task Force

Members:      Mr. David Adams (Warrensburg), Mr. Albert Bell (Centenary), Mr. Mike Fogle (Waldo), Rev. Kevin Orr (Bethel/Claibourne), Rev. Karen Cook (CAN) and Rev. Joe Rhea (Richwood)

District Nominating Committee

District Superintendent: Rev.Linda Middelberg
Assistant to the District Superintendent: Rev. Karen Cook
Class of 2017:     Mr. Tony Carmichael (Asbury North)
Class of 2018:   Rev. Bryan Meadows (Huntsville) and Rev. Becky Piatt (Bexley)
Class of 2019:     Mr. Don Adams (Riverside)


Capitol Area Community Ministries – Capitol Area North Representatives

Rev. Karen Cook, director, CACM
Class of 2017:   Rev. Kathi Herington (Whitehall UMC) and Mr. John Ma (Global Community UMC)
Class of 2018:   Rev. Matt Yoder (Linworth UMC) and Mr. Lorin Johnson (Pharsiburg UMC)
Class of 2019:   Rev. Therese Lehman (Marion Prospect Street UMC) and Mrs. Alice Meadows (Huntsville UMC)
Ex Officio:  Rev. Linda Middelberg, District Superintendent