Charge Conferences

It's charge conference season in the Capitol Area North District.  Rev. Linda Middelberg and Rev. Karen Cook will be presiding for all church/charge conferences this year.  They will bring the agendas, which follow the agenda in the charge conference packets, with them that day.  Copies of the agenda can be found below.  They will also be showing a video from Bishop Palmer.  The video is available on a flash drive, DVD, and the video can also be found here.  Linda and Karen will bring projectors with them but will need a blank wall/screen, or they can utilize your church's projection system, whatever you prefer. 

What do you need to do to get ready for church conferences?

  • Start your nominations/lay leadership team meetings as soon as possible to fill your committee positions for 2018.
  • Meet with your S/PPRC to decide upon the pastoral compensation for 2018, including accountable reimbursement and housing allowance exclusion amounts. Notify them of their meeting with me prior to your church conference and give them the attached response form to complete and bring to our meeting.
  • Meet with your leadership board/team to determine your Breakthrough Goals for 2018.
  • Review your membership lists to compose first and second year reading lists for removal from the rolls.
  • Make sure you have an updated Safe Sanctuary Policy.
  • Let the Trustee Chair know they should present the most recent Trustee Report to the church conference.
  • Determine if your church has any candidates for ministry or lay servants, certified lay servants, or certified lay ministers who must be approved at your church conference.  If so, have your laity complete and submit their annual report to the church conference.
  • Complete your church conference forms online; the process has been streamlined to make online submission very simple. Hard copies of the forms are attached to this email and are available online.  Online submission can be started at any time by your designated Church Data Administrator and by all appointed clergy.  If you need assistance with this process contact Jill.  The online charge conference forms can be found at  Once you log in click on My Church, then Local Church Reports, Charge Conference, 2017.  If you have more than one church choose My Church, then Local Church Reports, then My Church on the middle menu, then select one of your churches, then Charge Conference, 2017.
  • Announce the date and time of your church conference at least 10 days and two Sundays in advance.

What do I need the day of my church conference?

  • Remember that the S/PPRC should plan to meet with me for 30 minutes prior to the church conference, so have another room available to meet in.
  • They will be bringing a video from Bishop Palmer to play during the church conference.   They will bring their own computers and projectors, or can use your church video system if you have one.
  • Have hard copies of your reports available to present during your church conference.  
  • Print out the pastor compensation page(s) and signature page and send copies of those back to the District Office.

What do I need to do after my church conference?

  • Upload any remaining forms and minutes from the church conference no later than one week following the date of your church conference.