Puerto Rico - What can we do?

There is an immediate need for assistance in Puerto Rico. Below are suggested items that can be sent to Puerto Rico for distribution.  It is recommended that you pick up an $18.85 flat-rate shipping box at the Post Office and fill it to capacity with any of the suggested items below.   The other option is to order through Amazon Prime.  Estimated delivery through Amazon is about 12 – 19 days.  Because the need is immediate we ask that you ship your items out no later than October 23.   A church member in the district has family in Puerto Rico who have agreed to assist with distribution. 

Items should be shipped to:

Samuel Camacho and Carmen Arroyo

PO Box 1867

Sabana Seca, PR 00952


Include any or all of the following:

Toothbrushes, all sizes                                                                  Toothpaste

Hand Sanitizer                                                                                  Bar of Soap

Baby and Flushable Wipes                                                           LED Lamps with batteries

Batteries: AA, AAA, C, D                                                               Canned food (Chicken, Vienna Sausage, etc.)

Outdoor work gloves, all sizes                                                   Sanitary pads and tampons

Deodorant                                                                                          Band aids, all sizes

Long lighters for grilling out


Other Resources for conversations on Puerto Rico from the General Commission on Religion and Race: