This Week We Pray for Ohio Wesleyan University, Church of the Messiah in Westerville, and Jerome.

This Week We Pray for Ohio Wesleyan University, Church of the Messiah in Westerville, and Jerome.

Ohio Wesleyan University

Ohio Wesleyan University is a community of people who have an insatiable appetite for life and learning. We are passionate and eager to make connections with the world around us and the world within. Why? Because connecting disparate ideas, perspectives, and experiences fuels innovation and discovery. Our 200-acre campus offers endless opportunities to explore. Pursue them all. Dream up new ideas. Seize mind-blowing and future-shaping opportunities. Fully experience the richness and connectedness of a liberal arts education.

As a United Methodist-affiliated university, faith has traditionally been an important aspect of campus life.  While the days of 13 required chapel services per week are long gone, faith and ministry still live and breathe within the woodwork of OWU. Here you’ll be invited, not coerced, to explore your faith (and perhaps that of others) more deeply and to meet people who are also discovering the movement and call of God in their lives.

Church of the Messiah – Rev. Jim Wilson, Rev. Kathy Currier, Rev. Andy Burns, Rev. Linda Scott, Rev. Sharon Beattie

Messiah’s Mission is to Know Christ - Grow In Faith - Serve Others

Messiah asks that we pray as -
We continue to explore opportunities for a new church start
We get close to the approaching opening of the House of Hope orphanage in Mexico
We continue to engage in hurricane relief efforts in Cuba
Jerome UMC – Rev. David Bridgman, Rev. Donna Montgomery
Jerome’s mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world which is the denominational mission of the United Methodist Church.
We seek to live out this mission through the vision of embracing our community, following Jesus and changing the world.
Jerome asks that we pray as -
We are launching a seven-week, All-Church Study the week of October 1, with 15 small groups
We are completing registration for Upward Basketball/Cheerleading registering over 400 children
We are launching a year-round Mission strategy in October