Annual Form Requirements

The Trustee Legal and Property Report and Parsonage Inspection Form were previously required to be submitted at the church's fall church conference. However, in order to streamline the church conference reporting requirements, these forms were moved to a spring date, to be due at the same time as the annual clergy evaluation done by the S/PPRC, and the annual Fund Balance Report done by the Finance Committee.  That way all committee-driven reports will be due at the same time.  It was also our hope that the parsonage inspection would be completed prior to when most clergy moves happen in late June. Due to a Disciplinary requirement, the Trustee Legal and Property Report that is completed in June should be reported at the annual church conference in the fall. 

Trustees Legal and Property Report - this form should be completed annually and submitted by to the District Office by June 1, 2017.    Click here to find out the date of last filing for your Statement of Continued Existence.

Parsonage Inspection Form - this form should be completed annually and submitted to the District Office by June 1, 2017.  

Parsonage Standards

Forms can be mailed/emailed to the District Office.  Alternately, to submit either the Trustees Legal and Property Report or Parsonage Inspection Form electronically, first go to and log in. (Trustee Chairs, Pastors and Church Data Administrators have access to these electronic forms.)  Once you have logged in go to the Church Data menu, My Church, Annual Reporting, 2017.    You can enter the data or upload a scanned copy of your completed form.  Contact the District Office if you need assitance logging in to the website. 


WOC Trustees Recommended Insurance Levels  The CAN Board of Directors recommends that churches perform insurance reviews at least every three years.  We have had churches save thousands of dollars on their insurance policies by accepting competitive bids.  They also encourage churches to seek bids from insurance agencies that specialize in insuring churches. 


Items like copier contracts should be reviewed periodically.  Did you know that often times copier companies will buy out your old lease on your current copier?  The District Office just replaced our copier and the company paid off our last six months remaining in our lease, and we are saving literally thousands of dollars with our new lease.  

Safe Sanctuaries

Every church should have a Safe Sanctuaries policy in place.  Here are resources for helping your church with that process: Safe Sanctuaries.  Find more information about Safe Sanctuaries policies and trainings in the West Ohio Conference here