A Witness to our Community

You would have to be completely media free, not to be aware that there is a worldwide situation concerning the Corona Virus.  Identified cases and deaths increase daily, including now in the US. As a church, we have rightly turned our attention to ways to keep our members safe.  If you have not seen the article written by Garrett Guillozet, a public health official and clergy spouse, you might want to read it at https://www.westohioumc.org/conference/news/intersection-local-churches-and-coronavirus Or go to the Ohio Health webpage at https://blog.ohiohealth.com/

But now I wonder if it is not time to turn our attention outward.  As with any natural disaster, as the body of Christ, we have a responsibility to our neighbors, our community, and the world. There are many unknowns in our current situation.  All...continue reading