Last year as a part of the charge conference process we worked to streamline the reporting requirements for our churches.   We are hoping that the information below will help you to better plan for completion of these reports. 

These are the subsequent reporting requirements and time frames:

Committee Reports due June 1 – Fund Balance (Audit) Report – Finance Committee; Clergy Evaluation – S/PPRC; Trustee Legal and Property Report and Parsonage Inspection – Trustees.  The Fund Balance Report and Trustee forms can be completed via hardcopy or online, but the Clergy Evaluation must be submitted in hardcopy since it is a part of the clergy file, not the church record.

Church and Pastor Self-Profiles due November 1  the Bishop requests that these profiles be reviewed/updated every two years in advance of the appointive season; completing these online makes them easy to update. The S/PPRC Chair and/or Ad Council Chair are able to access the online Church Self-Profile.

Forms due at your fall Church Conference – compensation reports (clergy compensation, housing allowance exclusion, accountable reimbursement), lay leadership/nominations, membership report, ministry recommendations, Breakthrough Goals, and Safe Sanctuaries policy; and presentation of the Trustees’ Legal and Property Report.  All of these reports should be completed online.

Year-end Report (Ezra report) due around February 15 – church membership, congregation demographics, worship attendance, membership transfers, baptisms, professions of faith, adult/youth/children/mission groups and attendance, and giving/expense information, etc. 



Charge Conference Forms: All forms can be found under the My Church Tab on the West Ohio Conference Home Page

Year-end Reports (Ezra Report):  Forms can be obtained from Jack Frost, Conference Statistician, jfrost [at]  Year-end reports must be submitted by February 15 each year.   Past church statistics and additional information can be found here.   Alternately, church data can be found at

Audit:  The Fund Balance Report (Audit) form should be completed annually in the spring and is due by June 1. The form can be found below.  

Clergy Evaluation Form:  Clergy Evaluation forms will be in a new format this year, and should be completed by the S/PPRC and will be due in the fall of 2019.

Clergy One on One Form:  Every clergy should complete the one on one form and bring it with you to your annual One on One meeting with the District Superintendent.  The form is below.

Clergy Self-Profile Form:  Every clergy should complete the clergy profile and update it annually by November 1.  The profile form can be completed online here.

Church Self-Profile Form: Every church S/PPRC should complete an online church profile and update it annually by November 1.  The Church Self-Profile Form can be found at  You must log in, then click on My Church, then on Annual Reporting, then Church Self-Profile.  For assistance logging in contact the District Office, 614-222-0602, capitolareanorth [at]

S/PPRC meetings with the DS - Items for Response Form:  This form (found below) should be completed by each S/PPRC committee prior to their annual meeting with the District Superintendent.

Lay Servant Annual Report Form:  This form should be completed annually by local lay servants and certified lay servants, and it should be submitted with the church conference forms.  The form is below.  It can also be submitted electronically here.  The Lay Servant application and annual report forms are below.