Celebrating CAN District Transitions

Please join the District staff in recognizing these clergy who are celebrating retirements, ministerial anniversaries, and moves to new appointments, and those who are being licensed, commissioned or ordained this conference year.  View all of these in a powerpoint video presentation here. 

Celebrating Our Clergy Who are Retiring

Rev. David Bridgman, Jerome UMC
We worked to keep the focus of our life and ministry on: Love God; Love People; and Repeat that over and over.
We made marriage and family a top priority.
We are thankful for new life in Jesus calling us to God and equipping us to serve.
We are grateful for the honor and joy of serving the local church, having a front row seat to the life-transforming power of God in Jesus Christ.

Rev. Tom Hanover, Lewis Center UMC
"To soon old.  Too late smart.  God is good from the start!"

Rev. Kathi Herington, Whitehall UMC
Serving as a clergywoman in The United Methodist Church has been an honor, a privilege, a joy and a heartbreak. 
I never dreamed how being a pastor would open so many doors to people and ideas, to love and loss.
I entered seminary at age 50 planning to serve God and God's people, to care for them and to share God's great love in Jesus Christ. 
The unexpected blessing is how I have been served,  cared for and have experienced the love of God through the very people I was called to serve. 
I am so thankful for those who paved the way, who loved and affirmed me in the learning and the journey, and who loved me through mistakes and miracles.
"To God be the glory, great things God has done!"

Rev. Susan Kyser, Director of Pastoral Care, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Susan was a chaplain at Nationwide Children’s Hospital since 1985. She was Director of Pastoral Care for 26 years.
Susan is a Certified Educator in the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.
Her ministry has been in educating and journeying with patients, families and staff as she has worked to enable and empower others.
She was married to Ronald for 39 years as he died in 2014. She has three grown daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Rev. Ben Shaeffer, Bellefontaine First UMC
I have been truly blessed to serve first as a Local Pastor in 2004 then as an Elder since 2017. 
My wife Kayce, and I have served the West Ohio Conference in five different places over the last 16 years. 
I am retiring from full-time ministry.  We will be moving to our new home that we recently purchased in Asheville NC. 
I will be serving under my retired status as a part-time pastor at Bethesda UMC.   It has been truly a privilege to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with so many wonderful people in West Ohio. 
I pray each day at 3:16PM: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).  
I pray for God to touch hearts, to change lives, and to heal all of God’s people and all of God’s creation.   
Kayce and I would like to extend an invitation for y’all to come and visit us in Asheville. Grace and Peace, Rev.  Russell “Ben” Shaeffer

Rev. Jerry Lewis, Prospect UMC

Rev. Robina Vaughn

Rev. Keith Vesper, Vice President of Mission and Ministry, Ohio Health

Celebrating Milestone Years of Service  (based on Pension participation)

John Keeny, King Avenue UMC – 45 years
David Bridgman, Jerome UMC – 40 years
Cyndy Garn, Worthington UMC – 40 years
Larry Brown, Powell UMC – 35 years
Julie Carmean, William Street UMC – 30 years
Colleen Ogle, King Avenue UMC – 30 years
Glenn Schwerdtfeger, Bethel International UMC – 30 years
Jim Wilson, Church of the Messiah – 30 years
Amy Aspey, Short North Church – 15 years
John Wooden, Stone Village UMC – 10 years
Phil Rode, Lewis Center UMC  – 5 years
Matt Yoder, Linworth UMC – 5 years

Ordained Elders

Rev. Katya Brodbeck, Powell UMC – Full Elder
Rev. DJ Kim, Church of the Messiah – Full Elder
Rev. Evette Watt, Church of the Messiah – Full Elder

Associate Member

Rev. Herman Dick, Riverside UMC

Commissioned Clergy

Rev. Joy Bronson – Provisional Deacon
Rev. Andy Burns, Church of the Saviour – Provisional Elder
Rev. Hyo-Jin Kim, Morral UMC – Provisional Elder

Pastors Newly Licensed this Conference Year

Rev. Mark Confer, Marysville First UMC
Rev. Rosalind Porter, Lee Avenue UMC

Consecrated as Deaconess

Ms. Kris Shoaf, North Broadway UMC

Moves out of Appointments this Conference Year

Rev. Rick Birk from Church of the Redeemer
Rev. Wayne Engle from Ostrander and New Dover UMC’s
Rev. Allyssa Graves from Whitehall UMC interim
Rev. Wendy Hansen-Smith from North Broadway UMC
Rev. Kathy Hobson from Warrensburg UMC
Rev. Hyo-Jin Kim from Morral UMC
Rev. Therese Lehman from Marion Prospect Street UMC
Rev. Sara McSwords from Raymond and Caldwell Memorial UMC’s
Rev. Evette Watt from Church of the Messiah
Rev. Matt Yoder from Linworth UMC Associate

Appointments in the District this Conference Year

Rev. Jennifer Bass to Associate, Marion Epworth UMC
Rev. Bob Baugher to Church of the Redeemer
Rev. Steve Brown to New Dover and Ostrander UMC’s
Mr. Bill Byers to Warrensburg UMC
Rev. Bruce Dickerson to Jerome UMC
Rev. Brooke Hilliard to Associate, Linworth UMC
Rev. Jerry Lewis to Morral UMC
Rev. Sara McSwords to Associate, Linworth UMC
Rev. Donna Montgomery to Raymond and Caldwell Memorial UMC’s
Rev. Gene Phelps to Prospect UMC
Rev. Rocky Riddle to Associate, Harlem Road UMC
Rev. Denise Sager to Whitehall UMC
Rev. Tyler Williams to Marion Prospect Street UMC
Rev. Matt Yoder to Lewis Center UMC
Rev. Joe Ziraldo to Bellefontaine First UMC

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