Leadership Day

Many thanks to the clergy and laity from the Capitol Area North and Capitol Area South Districts who attended our annual Leadership Training Day on Saturday, February 3, at Powell UMC.  Over 400 people learned about different ministries, committees, and ways to better serve the church.  We were blessed by your presence and look forward to next year!   

Here is contact information for our presenters.  Presentations that we have received can be found below.

Board of Trustees - Mr. Chris Hogan, Chancellor, chogan [at]

Finance - Mr. Bill Brownson, bbrownson [at]

Church Lifecycles - Rev. Bill Lyle, billc208 [at]

Church Safety - Mr. Glenn Evans,glen [at]

Church Security Guards - Ms. Tiffany Gehrlich, tcgehrlich [at] dps.ohio.gove

Prison and Jail Ministry - Rev. April Casperson, acasperson [at]

Pension and Benefits -Mr. Mike Kremnitzer, mkremnitzer [at]

Multi-media in Worship - Rev. Ryan Grace, pastorryangrace [at]

SPPRC - Rev. Linda Middelberg, lmiddelberg [at] and Rev. Dr. Tim Bias, tbias [at]

Safe Sanctuaries - Ms. RaNae Street, rstreet [at]

Talking About What Matters Most - End of Life Discussions - Rev. Kristin Langstraat, kristin.langstraat [at]

Grant Writing - Ms. Sharon Ware, sharon.ware [at] and Rev. Karen Cook, kcook [at]

Youth Leaders - Rev. Jean Schafer, schaferjean75 [at]

Active Listening - Rev. Kristin Langstraat, kristin.langstraat [at]

Children's Ministry - Ms. Shelly Nall, snall [at]

Clergy Taxes - Rev. Deb Oskin, deb [at]

Community Ministries - Dr. Katelin Hansen, khansen [at] and Rev. Matt Yoder, myoder849 [at]

Conduits of Hope: Disciplemaking - Rev. Sara Thomas, sarathomas [at], and Rev. Dr. Tim Bias, tbias [at]

Global Mission Partners - Rev. Dee Stickley-Miner, dstickley [at], Mr. Joel Rabb, rabbbj [at], and Mr. Dan Erickson, daerickson [at]

Social Media - Rev. Seth Evans, sethericevans [at]

It Worked for Me in a Rural Setting - Rev. Judy Cramer, judycramer [at], Rev. Ben Shaeffer, rbshaeff [at], Rev. Bryan Meadows, pbmeadows [at], Rev. Deb Ketchum, revdsk [at],Rev. Kathy Herr, kathyherr35 [at]

Lay Servant Ministries - Mr. David Adams, buzz006.da [at], Ms. Anna Crocker, ajcrocker [at],Rev. Dr. Kevin Orr, kevin_orr83 [at]

Opiate Epidemic - Rev. Nancy Day-Achauer,nancypda [at]

Leading through Prayer - Rev. Curnell Graham, cgraham [at], and Rev. Scott Miller, rscottmiller1 [at]

Leading through Prayer presentation link:

Stump the DS - Rev. Linda Middelberg, lmiddelberg [at]