Safety and Security in the Church plus The Difficulties of Opiate and Heroin Addiction

Saturday, March 3 in Cambridge, OH

So, what happens in an emergency at your church—lost child, unresponsive adult, accident, a disorderly person, gas line break, smoke, tornado, utility failure, intruder or active shooter?  Who directs the members?  What’s the plan?  Who to call?  We should know.  Come and learn how to:

 · Use the Assessment Tool for safety and security in and around your church.

· Develop Emergency Plans for a multitude of emergencies in and around your church.

· Plan so that a Crisis Team can handle any emergency, illness, or problem during worship.

Regarding Opiate & Heroin Addiction:

         Learn how and why persons, even 12-year-olds, are addicted.  Why pre-school children are addicted.  Why arrests don’t solve the problem.  It’s important we:

· Understand the depth of the opiate and heroin problem in our church’s community.

· Offer ways to help families affected by opiate or heroin addiction.

· Be aware of opiates you and family members are prescribed.

On Sat. March 3, 2018, in Cambridge, Ohio, TARRP (Town and Rural Resource Program) of East & West Ohio Conferences is offering a very informative workshop to help your church board, mission team, and others learn and be equipped to help your church to make a difference in the lives of your parishioners and community.  Plan to bring a team!  Discounts for 3 or more. Please see the attached brochure or email Rev. Debbie Ketcham at revdsk [at] for more information. 

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