This week we pray for Raymond UMC, Lewis Center UMC, and Capitol Area Community Ministries
Raymond UMC - Rev. Sara McSwords
Prayers for our Kid's Club Ministry as it begins again this October and we welcome kids in grades k-4 to have fun, learn and worship with us and we welcome their families to have dinner with us. 
Prayers for our monthly senior luncheon to grow and evolve into a welcoming community luncheon for anyone longing for fellowship. 
Prayers for our church family to continue to find ways to fulfill our mission to help our neighbors meet Christ, to renew our passion for Christ and to reach beyond our walls in the name of Jesus.  
Lewis Center UMC – Rev. Tom Hanover and Rev. Phil Rode
Prayers are requested as we are in the midst of a capital campaign to raise money to build a Children’s Ministries building
Capitol Area Community Ministries – Rev. Karen Cook and Ginny Shimrock, and the CACM committee members
Prayers are requested for Community Ministries, as we conduct site visits for those requesting grants; and prayers for discernment as we make decisions around those grant requests.